PhotoHere is the first known photo of Diane as a youngster. Her inquisitiveness and lust for life brought great joy to her parents and friends.

A fortnight ago in a Connecticut university a young Diane was introduced. A bashful grin and a warm smile sealed the deal. A fine friendship developed, a sly spades 9-5 partner, a bond was formed.

Young love and lives beginning. Diane becomes Jeff's girl, he her guy. The good times roll, turbulence weaves the ship, but they fight on strong together. Face their troubles together, headlong.

Move to North Haven, start a co-habitated life together. Move from a single room to a single apartment. Form our footing together.

House in Southbury, CT. Decorate and design, plans are formed. The sounds of birds fill the empty spaces. A family is formed. Willis the turtle fills in for the family dog. A story still unfolding.

A ring on a steamy beach, an acceptance and strengthening of a bond formed long ago. Almost timeless. Family expands and wedding plans are made. For which all of you are invited to share in our joy.




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